Some Roads in Ankara Will Be Closed to Car Traffic Today

some roads will be closed to the vehicle traffic today 1
some roads will be closed to the vehicle traffic today 1

In a written statement made by the Ankara Governor, it was stated that some safety measures were taken in order to ensure the peace and security of the public at the New Year's celebrations.

In this context, starting from 18.00 at the time of 15 July National Willpower Square and Güvenpark, all of the streets / streets opened from Atatürk Boulevard's entrance of Meşrutiyet Street to the entrance of Necatibey Street (in front of Sıhhiye Orduevi) and Atatürk Boulevard. bidirectional, all of GMK Boulevard and all of the streets / streets opened to the boulevard are two-way, the section of Ziya Gökalp Street from College Junction to Kızılay 15 July National Will Square and all of the streets / streets leading to the street are bi-directional, National Defense The street between the GMK Boulevard and the Yahya Galip Avenue and the streets / streets leading to the street are all closed to Kumrular Street and all the streets that open to this street will be closed to traffic.

Ashgabat Street (Bahçelievler 7. Street) and 54. As part of the celebrations to be held on the street, Ashgabat Street (Bahçelievler 7. avenue), National Library entrance traffic lights 54. all the streets / streets leading up to the street exit and the street, 54. There will be no vehicle traffic on all of the streets and streets that open to the street and street.

Tunali Hilmi Street in the celebrations, Tunalı Hilmi Street Kuğulu Park Junction and Esat Street junction between the section of the street and all of the streets / streets, Tunisia Street from the exit of the street all the streets opening to the street two-way, with the street of the street with Bestekar Street all will not be available in duplex.

In Palestine Street, the streets of Palestine Street and all of the streets opening to this street will be closed to all traffic.

Metro and Ankaray can be used

The use of public transportation vehicles such as Metro and Ankaray was recommended for the citizens not to suffer from the traffic.

Red Crescent 15 As an alternative to the roads leading to the July National Necessity Square, the vehicles coming to the direction of Atatürk Boulevard Ulus are on Necatibey Street, Ziya Gökalp Avenue and the vehicles coming from the Mithatpaşa Street, Atatürk Bulvarı. arriving vehicles Kumrular and Strasbourg streets, Dikmen Street Dikmen direction İnönü Boulevard and Atatürk Boulevard Çankaya direction, Bahçelievler 7. Street Street, 8. Street, 4. On the street and İnönü Bulvarı, the vehicles coming to Palestine Avenue will be directed to Nene Hatun, Çankaya and Uğur Mumcu, Reşit Galip Street.

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