İZBAN and Metro Workers Perform New Year's Event in Strike Field

izban and subway workers made a yearly event in the strike area 1
izban and subway workers made a yearly event in the strike area 1

The İZBAN workers, who will go on strike in the new year, held a New Year event at Alsancak Station together with their families and Izmir Metro employees.

The strike at İZBAN, one of the most important transportation networks in İzmir, reached the third week. The company, which is a joint company of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, continues on December 10 due to the low price offer.

Railroad-İş member İZBAN workers, who will go on strike in 2019, held a New Year's event. In addition to workers' families, the Izmir Metro and Tram workers, who are members of the same union, also participated in the event in Alsancak Station.

Metro and tram workers shared their Christmas packages with the İZBAN workers. At the event, together with the workers, the slogans of "İZBAN-Metro go hand in hand, general strike", "We will win the resistance to resist" and "İZBAN worker symbol of resistance" were thrown. The workers presented their wishes for a New Year in fighting each other.


Hüseyin Ervüz, Head of the Izmir Branch of the Turkish Railroad-Business Union, stated that this solidarity between İZBAN and Metro would increase further in the following days and said:

“We say that the unity of the workers will beat the capital. This resistance that has already begun, I'm guessing the working class of Turkey may be the best example to bring the voice of the actions will be held in the next few days. The best example of this solidarity is that Metro AŞ. Has given gift baskets to our workers here. This solidarity will increase in the following days. ”


Celal Dağaşan, the Branch Manager of the Railroad-İş İzmir Branch, emphasized that the workers are with them and said, “Our employer receives and gives us a Christmas gift package. We wanted to give our present packages to our friends on strike this Christmas. We have been with them since the first days. We will be with them until the last moment. İZBAN and Metro are brothers. We wish a year in which workers can achieve their rights without a strike. ”


343 workers who work as machinists, technicians, technicians, station operators and box office workers are on strike in İZBAN. In the 6th term collective bargaining agreements lasting for 4 months, no agreement has been reached in the 63 articles of the 24-article draft, which are important for workers. Workers who are members of the Railroad-Labor Union demand 28 percent of their base wages for the first year, and 34 percent with social benefits.

The İZBAN management, which has drawn its latest 26 percent hike proposal, offers a 22 percent hike including all social rights. IZBAN bureaucrats imposed bonuses for 85 days against the demands of workers to gradually increase bonuses from 112 days to 95 days. Again, an agreement was not reached in the demands for driving and shift compensation, which are among the demands of the workers. (Source: Universal)

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