İZBAN This Salary Versin Strike Immediately!

Let us finish this strike immediately.
Let us finish this strike immediately.

İZBAN management has withdrawn the offer of 26 percent increase, "If they agreed, the salary of the 4 thousand 152 TL would be," he said. Workers who stated that this figure was not reached with the proposed raise rate said, “Let İZBAN give this salary and we will finish the strike immediately Öner

The strike at İzmir Suburban System Inc. (İZBAN) has left the 18 day behind. After the workers decided to continue the strike by not accepting the offer of 26 percent, İZBAN management announced that it had withdrawn yesterday's offer. The statement from the management claimed that the salary of a mechanic would be 4 bin 152 TL if the offer was accepted. Emphasizing that this figure was not reached with the rate of increase recommended by İZBAN, the workers are mad İZBAN misleading the public. Let us give them the salaries they explained, let's finish the strike immediately. Bu

In a statement yesterday from izban, "İZBAN, strike 'immediate termination' condition and 4 percentage point increase proposed by the average percentage 26 hike proposal, withdrew because of the decision to railway-İş Trade Union continue to strike. 26 proposal had been accepted, so izban time, starting work in 2015, high school graduate, married with children and a machinist's net fees receivable, including all rights, 4 months would be over a thousand TL "the statement said.

In the statement, if the bid is accepted, the average net monthly income calculated including all rights of the personnel groups with 2010 entry, non-working, children is explained as follows: Machinist: 4 bin 152 TL, Technician: 4 bin 136 , Station Operator: 3 bin 988 TL, Cashier / Treasurer: 3 bin 820 TL, Office Personnel: 3 bin 773 TL.

The response from the union and the strike workers was quick. In the statement made by the İzmir Branch, ası 18 strike continues for a long time. According to the official Twitter account of our employer, either our union and 180 İZBAN worker do not know how to make an account, or we are all crazy! There is no other explanation. Or on December 342 9 3 per thousand by machinists as they announced a salary hike 435 27 percent in December 4 4 thousand TL bring us all to the employer was required to accept our offer. Although what we have done, the fact that we could not raise the 152 bin 3 TL to 435 TL with 4 TL 4 increase could have had an effect on this decision ys.

Emphasizing that İZBAN is still trying to deceive the people of Izmir, ücret The minimum wage (gross) is announced as 2 thousand 558 TL. So 4 days later, the 247 İZBAN worker will be working with the minimum wage. So 4 72 percent of employees after the day will be a minimum wage. In other words, our employer has offered 26 hike with a percentage of 16 offer. Which he saw the hike too many workers pulled back çok.

The union addressed the people of Izmir: N If the people of Izmir, which are officially announced by IZBAN management in December, give the average net income, this strike will not be extended by more than 27 minutes. Send

In the statement he made in December, IZBAN told 9 3 TL 435 numbers. How did the number of 4 thousands 4 TL have reached with the increase of 150? Nasıl he asked. Güler stated that they are ready to sign the figures explained,, Let's gather all the workers in front of İZBAN, 4 bin 152 will make the salary 150 thousand XNUMX for every mechanic. Çek (Source: Birgün)

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