Ferry Expeditions Start from Karantina

ferry service from quarantine starts
ferry service from quarantine starts

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will start the ferry to Quarantine on Wednesday, December 26. President Aziz Kocaoğlu will attend the first flight that will move from Quarantine to Alsancak at 07.40.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has made important moves in sea transportation with its fleet equipped with the latest technology ships, starts the Quarantine flights to be held by İZDENİZ on December Wednesday. In order to increase the share of maritime transport in public transportation and to extend the route, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented the pier in July with 26 July Democracy Square in Karantina region, will be the first ferry service of Mithatpasalas to wait at 15. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu will be present on the first ferry that will depart from the quarantine.

Saturday will be the time
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Quarantine ferry services on weekdays and Saturdays Karşıyakawill start at 07.05. The ferry departing from Quarantine on Saturday at 07.25 will depart from Göztepe İskele at 07.35 and will be at 07.55. Karşıyakawill reach.

İZDENİZ ships departing from Üçkuyular İskele on weekdays will be at Göztepe at 07.20 and Quarantine at 07.30. Later, the ship, which reached the Passport at 07.40, will reach Alsancak at 07.55 and the Göztepe Pier again at 08.05.

To the detailed table regarding the quarantine expeditions of İZDENİZ www.izdeniz.com.t is available at.

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