Antalya 3rd Stage Rail System Line Will Be Opened In February

antalya 3 stage rail system line will be put into service
antalya 3 stage rail system line will be put into service

Mayor Menderes Türel, who continued to weave Antalya with iron nets, 3. Examined the work of the Stage Rail System. Varsak-Bus Station between the ongoing studies on the 12 kilometer route President Türel, said the rail assembly and the end of production.

The 25-kilometer 3rd Stage Rail System line works between Varsak and Zerdalilik, which is the biggest project of Antalya with public resources, continue at full speed. Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, who continues to weave Antalya with the most modern public transportation vehicle, the rail system line, examined the ongoing works with his team. President Türel, who examined the Varsak-Bus Station section of the 3rd Stage Rail System Project, which will offer a permanent and contemporary solution to urban transportation, received information from the Head of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Hülya Atalay and other officials. After informing President Türel, he examined the 12-kilometer rail system route starting from Varsak Warehouse Area to the Bus Station area. President Türel stated that the rail system works that continue 24 hours a day, day and night shifts, come to an end in rail assembly and manufacturing.

Tunnel work will begin
President Türel pointed out that in the first 2019 kilometer section of 12 in February, rail works, road-pavement arrangements, catenary mast assemblies, construction of transformer buildings, asphalt works and tramway construction are continuing intensively. President Türel said that the 15 of the 10 intersection crossing the tramway and highway traffic was completed and that the remaining intersections were planned to be completed before the beginning of the year. In January, we will open all working areas to the bus station. A great progress was made in the deep excavation and support works in the tunnel construction, which will connect the Sakarya Boulevard and Dumlupınar Boulevard between the ground and the 20 meters below the ground. In the first week of January, we will start working on the tunnel. Ocak

Intersections opening
On the other hand, according to the information received from the Department of Transportation Department, the XnUMX of XIUMX Interval 28 of the Xanthx Interchange of Sarnic-Eski Varsak Municipality, 2018 of the Interchange of Shifa Hospital, 24 of the Interchange of Kepez Sport Facilities, 2018 of XIth of the Kepez Interchange, 29 of the Sütçüler Junction At 2018, the Sakarya Junction is planned to open at 29 December 2018.

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