XSOX with SATSO. Completing a New Dublex Road Built Between OSB

The new double road built between satso and 1 osb is completed
The new double road built between satso and 1 osb is completed

SATSO with 1. Chairman Toçoğlu shares information on the last point reached in the new double road constructed between the OSB and said, d With the double road that will have a width of 40 meters, OSB transportation will be comfortable. We will complete the pavement and middle meditation as well as the last ply asphalt. Good luck. Hayır

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, D-100 Highway (SATSO) and 1. He explained the last situation in the double road works realized between the OSB. Sharing the information that the first floor asphalt has ended in the split road where the width is increased to 40 meter, President Toçoglu said that they will complete the last coat of asphalt by completing the asphalt and finishing works. Toçoğlu, said the bike will be located on the double road.

Double convenience to OSB transportation
Mr. Toçoğlu stated that they will bring comfort to OSB transportation with the new double road, ın We are nearing the end of our works. Our city is expanding its double road network with our 1 kilometer. SATSO-1. Between OSB and 40 meters are building a new split road with width. Our first floor asphalt works have ended. After finishing the pavement and the middle refuge, we will complete the last ply asphalt and put it into service of our city. 1 which is used extensively by vehicles. We will bring double comfort to OSB transportation. Good luck. Hayır

Sycamore Tree under protection
President Toçoğlu stated that they have been protecting the 270 annual sycamore tree on the divided road route and said, bulunan We always prioritized our sensitivity to green, nature and the environment in our studies. 1. On the OSB route, the plane tree will continue to live for many years, I hope.

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