Record Transportation from the Park "3 Million Passengers in 41 Years"

TransportationParktan Record Transportation
TransportationParktan Record Transportation

Founded in 2015 and providing transportation services in all districts of Kocaeli, TransportationPark Inc. continues to make citizens happy. The transportation buses of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality have been carrying a more than one million 41 passengers since the day it was founded. 86 different even 336 bus service to the citizens of the transportationPark, Kocaeli has managed to reach all districts.

1 2 million 165 thousand passengers a month and 2015 million passengers since the 41 TransportationPark, has become the preferred public transportation vehicle in Kocaeli. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to public transport service in Kocaeli, has been the 73 thousand 641 miles in the year.

TransportationPark has been providing public transportation services to the people of Kocaeli since September 2015 with its award-winning driver personnel for its outstanding achievements and efforts in many different social issues. Thanks to the guest-oriented service concept of the citizens' love and respect on the road they have gained TransportationPark, has become an institution preferred by the people.

'' Guest-Oriented Service '' motto become the motto of TransportationPark, citizens clean and hygienic journey to clean all the vehicles every day by the cleaning teams clean in detail. In order to prevent disturbance of the passengers especially in the cleaning of the chemical components odorless cleaning agents are used.

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