The Last of the Multi-Storey Intersections that Bring Solutions to 7 Intersections in Kocasinan Boulevard Has Also Opened

the last of the slaughtered cavities that brought the 7 to the jar in the husband's boulevard
the last of the slaughtered cavities that brought the 7 to the jar in the husband's boulevard

📩 08/11/2018 18:15

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality's Kocasinan Boulevard 7 intersection that brings solutions to the last round of intersections opened.

Mayor Mustafa Celik, the traffic opening to the Danube and 30 August Passage Interchange by means of his own vehicle, wished to be beneficial to our city. President Steel, Kocasinan Boulevard DSI junction until the Argıncık Lights were made uninterrupted.

Mayor Mustafa Çelik followed the asphalt works in Akkışla and then he returned to the city center and entered the Kocasinan Boulevard. He passed through the Tuna and 30 Ağustos Katlı Intersection which were opened to traffic.

On October Saturday, President Çelik reminded that the official opening ceremony of the Danube and 13 (August Floor) Interchange with the participation of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan took place. 'This street is the main axis of our city in the east-west axis. Our aim was to provide uninterrupted service here. We have provided uninterrupted traffic from Argıncık Tepe Lights to DSİ Junction. When you enter the 30 August Junction, you will cross the junction of the Tuna Street Junction and exit through the intersection. Aesthetics and functionality was an investment in our vision. Now traffic is safe and flowing without interruption. Hopefully, our goal in the coming years will be to provide uninterrupted traffic to Anbar by making the DSİ Junction and the Stadium Junction. We have just made 30 intersections 3,5 year in year. Tuna and 14 August Multinational crossroads get good luck for our fellow citizens, T he said.

Metropolitan Municipality, Kocasinan Bulvarı'nda previously through the intersections of Highways, Hospitals, Stations, Nato and Fuzuli intersections offered the opportunity to pass without interruption. Uninterrupted traffic at the 30 junction on the boulevard has been made possible with the Tuna and 7 August storey junction.

The length of the underpass at the Tuna and 30 August-storey crossroads is a total of 780 meters. 130 meters at the Danube Junction and 30 meters at the 140 August Junction.


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