3 airport was Istanbul airport
34 Istanbul

3. Airport's Name Became Istanbul Airport

Arrangements have been made around the Istanbul New Airport, which is the world's largest airport with an annual passenger capacity of 200 million and was opened today with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Curious name [more…]

Metallurgical Industry Found Ankirosta
34 Istanbul

Metallurgy Industry Met in Ankiros

One of the most important fairs of the global metallurgy industry, ANKIROS 2018 – “14. International Iron-Steel and Casting Technologies, Machinery and Products Specialization Fair”, ANNOFER 2018 – 13th International Non-Ferrous Metals Technology, Machinery [more…]

45 Manisa

Manisa Büyükşehir's Turgutlu Grill

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Turgutlu Alparslan Türkeş Junction on the ongoing side road works by the CHP District Chairman responded to the unfounded claims. In the statement, MASKI main of the rainwater line of the road [more…]

kayseri shortens big distances
38 Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Shortens the Distances

Uninterrupted traffic provided by the intersections on Kocasinan Boulevard has reduced the interval between DSI Junction and Argıncık Lights to 7,5. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Kocasinan Boulevard 20 minutes of traffic, even in quiet hours of the DSI Junction [more…]

sincana 2 comes from the tram line
06 Ankara

2 Kilometer Tram Line to Xinjiang

Sincan Municipality will connect the metro and Başkentray lines on two separate sides of the district with the two-kilometer tram line on Ayaş Street. Sincan Municipality is a revolution in terms of transportation to the district. [more…]

iett lines to go to the new airport
34 Istanbul

IETT Lines to be Goed to Istanbul New Airport

IETT and Havaist lines that will provide transportation to Istanbul New Airport have been announced. Turkey's giant project Istanbul New Airport will be officially opened on 29 October. To the New Airport; Havaist's İST1-İST2-İST7 and İST19 lines and [more…]