repair and maintenance of railway scissors

Maintenance and Repair of Railway Shears

Maintenance and Repair of Rail Trusses as a Result of Tender Turkish State Railways Administration TCDD 3. 2018 company was awarded to the tender for the Maintenance and Repair of Railway Shears 442565 / 4 of the Regional Directorate of 1.999.000,00 / XNUMX. [more…]


Panorama of 4 Years with President Şahin

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin determined the main problems of the city and produced permanent solutions for 4 years. With the slogan of “Gaziantep is Our Strength, Gaziantep” on the way to which he started “With the Love of Gaziantep”, he went to Gazi City with the slogan, and he was constantly on the agenda with mega projects. [more…]


E-Filling Period in Public Transportation in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality has started to fill the handcards used in public transportation pricing over the internet as well as at the widespread dealers and toll booths throughout the city. Handcards used in public transportation pricing of Konya Metropolitan Municipality are now filled over the internet. [more…]

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Obstacles Are Getting Up In Urban Transportation

The Metropolitan Municipality, which eliminated the problems in urban transportation with the projects it developed, expropriated and demolished a building in the center of the road in Mollafenari District. Investing in smart intersections, bridges, intersections and road arrangements in order to minimize the transportation problem in Bursa [more…]


Şahin'dan Aktaş'a Ray Disassembly Proposal

Former Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate Necati Sahin is not on the political stage. Although we call it a 'fallow' in the old phrase, we see from time to time that it makes warnings and suggestions about the city from social media. Güzelyali [more…]


Works Started in Gebze Metro

Work started on Gebze-Darıca Metro, which is planned to be integrated into the metro network in Istanbul when it is completed. The first digging was carried out on the metro line to be built between Gebze and Darıca districts of Kocaeli, where industrial establishments are most concentrated. Approximate cost 2 billion 797 million 169 [more…]


Akçaray'da Rekor '' 41 Thousand 625 Passengers per Day ''

Akçaray, which was brought to the transportation of the city by the Metropolitan Municipality, continues to break records. Akçaray tram line, which is preferred by citizens for transportation, carried a record level of passengers last week. In the feasibility studies conducted before the tram line was built, the targeted in 2020 [more…]

catalagzi zonguldak line

Today in History: 1 October 1937 Çatalağzı-Zonguldak line

1 October 1882 II.Abdulhamid in History In her special will, she asked for the establishment of reform commissions in order to negotiate the reforms to be carried out in the empire and to inform the results. Nafia Minister Hasan Fehmi Pasha under the presidency of Nafia in the fields of trade, industry and agriculture [more…]