06 Ankara

Heads of Capital with Steering Wheel

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the school-age children to learn the rules of traffic and gain habit to put into service in the Children's Traffic Education Park, the capital continues to teach while entertaining the little ones. 3 thousand [more…]


2 Kilometers New Entry to Arifiye

Mayor Toçoğlu shared the glad tidings of the new double road in Arifiye: dık We started our works for the 2 kilometer double road parallel to the Tank Pallet Factory between Terminal Junction and Railway Overpass Bridge. the Arifiye [more…]


Gertrude Bell Crisis in YHT!

YHT Entertainment System offered by TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ to its passengers includes music and movie content for every taste. This service, which is used with pleasure by the passengers, is the latest movie called 'Queen of the Desert'. [more…]


Cable Car Works Are Gaining Speed ​​in Hatay

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality is working hard to transfer the riches and values ​​that Hatay carries from past to present to future generations and to increase the recognition of the city by bringing the services it deserves. Ropeway where HBB gives great importance [more…]


Trambus test drive started in Sanliurfa

Trambus test drives in Şanlıurfa were successfully completed. The trambus, which will serve on line 63 between Abide and Balıklıgöl, received full marks by completing its transportation without any problems in the test drive. Sanliurfa Metropolitan [more…]