izmir blue train coming to ankaraya
06 Ankara

Izmir Blue Train Coming to Ankara

Izmir Blue Train, which is operated by TCDD Transportation and which is the indispensable of the journeys between Central Anatolia and Aegean, starts to move from 15 to 2018 every day from Ankara Station every day since November 20.00. [more…]

change in railway safety management

Amendment to the Railway Safety Regulation

The Regulation on the Amendment of the "Railway Safety Regulation" of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. Urban rail public transportation operators operating with TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ [more…]

at the summit of digital urbanism
42 Konya

Konya Explained at the Digital Urbanism Summit

The Digital Urbanism Summit was held in Istanbul with the participation of Murat Kurum, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, where digital transformation in cities and sustainable city policies were discussed. At the summit, Konya Metropolitan Municipality smart city an example to Turkey [more…]

2 service increased by surreptitious metro
URBAN Rail Systems

Driverless Metro Service 2 Floor Increased

Istanbul Mayor Mevlüt Uysal spoke at the Şehir Digital Urbanism Summit.. Uysal said, “The system of the Internet of objects, which we call smart city today, is a major turning point in the history of humanity like the Industrial Revolution. [more…]

digging at narlidere station
35 Izmir

Excavation Starts at Narlıdere Station

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues the production works of Narlıdere Metro, which was laid in June, at full speed. Construction works for DEU Hospital Station, which is located on the 7.2 kilometer line, will start from Monday. [more…]

trabzonda ropeway

Ropeway in Trabzon, Great Interest

Besikduzu Cable Car, which is an important point in terms of increasing tourism diversity in Trabzon, has used more than one thousand domestic and foreign visitors since its inception. Cevdet Erturkmen, the Governor of Besikduzu [more…]