Trolley-Free Tram Brings Konya the "Ideal City" Award

keten has brought to the tram city koniyaya ideal urban
keten has brought to the tram city koniyaya ideal urban

The catenary-free tram operation implemented for the first time in Turkey on the Alaaddin-Adliye Rail System Line by Konya Metropolitan Municipality is another award in the international arena. kazanwas. Konya Metropolitan Municipality was deemed worthy of the "Urban Conservation Award" at the "International Idealkent Awards" held in France, with its "Conservation of Urban and Architectural Texture with a Tramway without Caterers in the Historical City Center of Konya".

The Alaaddin-Adliye Rail System Line, implemented by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, has been awarded with an international award.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, 3. Within the scope of the International Congress of Urban Studies, he won the şehir Urban Conservation Award sun with the project ara Conservation of Urban and Architectural Tiles by the Qatan-Free Tram in the Historical City Center of Konya Dokun at the International Idealkent Awards, which is a positive contribution to the projects and practices of the city and the people of the city.

Receiving the award from Gaye Doğanoğlu, the Vice President of the Council of Europe Local and Regional Governments, Gaye Doğanoğlu, at the ceremony held in the Council of Europe building in Strasbourg, France, noted that civilizations played an important role in the construction of cities and said, “As the Metropolitan Municipality of Konya, Hz. We made the tram system without a catheter so that the trams passing around the tomb of Mevlana do not disturb his spirit with sound and noise. I extend my thanks to everyone who deemed our project worthy of an award. ”

AK Party Deputy Local Administrator Mahmut Kaçar, Council of International Justice and Equality Council (COJEP) President Ali Gedikoglu, United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Regional Organization Secretary General (UCLG-MEWA) Mehmet Duman and City Research Institute Secretary General Yusuf Sunar at a ceremony attended by mayors and managers of different cities in Turkey he was given awards in 14 21 branches. The projects worthy of the award will be exhibited in the Council of Europe building for a week.

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