Fethiye Ölüdeniz Air Games Festival Has Started

📩 24/12/2018 22:49

19 organized by Fethiye Municipality. International Fethiye Oludeniz Air Games Festival Babadag 1700 was launched from the high altitude runway. During the week, the 31 parachute pilot of the country 900 skip the activities of Babatağ'dan THK shows, evenings in the evening Belceğiz beach will be given.

Various marches were played by Fethiye Municipality Band in the opening program. In the meantime, hundreds of parachute pilots jumped from the runway at the 1700 altitude and performed demonstrations. The opening speech of the program was made by President of THK Kürşat Atılgan.

THK President Atılgan, Olimpiyat FAI 2020 Air Olympics will be held in Fethiye K

THK Chairman Kürşat Atılgan said, ad I have not seen a place more suitable for air sports like Fethiye Babadağ. Paragliding and balloon tourism now contributes to our country 150 million dollars. This goes up to a billion dollars with such organizations. You will see how much a project like ropeway will contribute to Fethiye in the days ahead. Among the THN 400 branch, Fethiye is always the first. Fethiye is very valuable for us. Every year, Fethiye contributes about TL 1 million to THK Fethiye Branch. a giant organization like 2020 Air Games to be held by the FA we brought to Turkey. FAI officials came to Fethiye. The Fethiye protocol hosted the FAI officials in a very nice way and explained the Babadağ very well. So the Air Olympics was given to Babadağ. The 2020 will be held in Fethiye, where at least one 112 athlete arrives. The new leader of THK could not make it because I had transferred it to him yesterday, but I believe that for the 3 years I have come here, both Fethi Fethi and the new president will attend the air ceremonies. Iğ He said.

THK President Atılgan, et I congratulate Behçet Saatcı, the architect of a beautiful city with a vision TH
The people of Fethiye that will always support those who servant stating that will continue to speak THK President Kürşat Atılgan,'y Fethiye, I've seen in the West, which makes it more beautiful than many cities, visionary, everyone respects each other, making it a tolerant city, Şehit Fethi Bey I would like to congratulate Mr. Behçet Saatcı for his wonderful park like Fethiye. I believe that the people do not forget those who serve him. The nation has always been behind the people who serve him. I understand why I came here in 3 for every political opinion citizen in Fethiye supported by Behçet Bey. I never knew Behçet Bey before. Due to festivals and commemoration programs, I saw the services in Fethiye. On behalf of my institution, for myself and for my nation, I congratulate the President for his work. I would like to thank you for the support you have given to THK. Siz

Chairman Saatci, red I thank God Başkan
Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatcı, 'I would like to extend my thanks to the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Osman brother and the board of directors, KIRTUR A.Ş., the former Chamber of Commerce and the Fethiye Power Union for the cable car and the facilities in Babadağ. This facility will bring us to a very different point in the FAI Air Olympics, which we will do in 2020. Kürşat paşama I would like to thank 3 for its support to Fethiye for years. When I come to Babadag, I thank God thousands of times. In this geography, the people of the society as the people we choose or the government appointed to the institutions as a friends of such a beautiful geography are experiencing great enthusiasm. People who come here and see this beauty and who don't have the enthusiasm to serve here are not managers, Buraya he said. President Saatcı thanked all institutions, organizations and NGOs who contributed to Fethiye Municipality in the Air Games Festival.

Deputy Governor of Muğla Fethi Özdemir, the first time out and said that he liked Babadağ, wished the Air Games to pass without any accident. After the speeches, THK performed a demonstration flight. At the same time a cello was performed.

No way to fly!
Muğla Deputy Governor Fethi Özdemir descended from the 1700 elevation runway to Ölüdeniz with paragliding. At the same time, Fethiye Municipality made free flights for disabled citizens. Osman Ardıç, a disabled citizen, stated that he would jump with a parachute for the first time and said, ım I am a bit excited but I am not afraid. I think I'd fly if I didn't have an obstacle. Thanks to such activities, we provide the opportunity to fly together. Hopefully, we will land in Oludeniz unharmed. I would like to thank everyone who organized this event ”.

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