Tourism Professionals Meet at Travel Turkey Fethiye Stand

tourism professionals come to travel turkey fethiye stand
tourism professionals come to travel turkey fethiye stand

After the intense 2018 tourism season, preparations for the 2019 tourism season began. Within the scope of preparations for the new season, the participation of Fethiye tourism professionals in domestic and foreign fairs has also intensified. Following the World Travel Market in London in November, the Fethiye tourism companies presented their travels to Travel Turkey in Izmir.

Fethiye, 6-8 December 2018 in the Travel Turkey Izmir in the New Trend was introduced with the slogan of Fethiye. With the contribution of the Fethiye Tourism Council, alternative tourism activities were prominent in the stand, and the paragliding was enjoyed with the virtual reality film. Due to the intense interest in the virtual reality film, there were long queues in front of the Fethiye stand. FTSO made special fairs for the sage, bay leaf, brackets and leaflets such as bouquet soap on the intersection of the paragliding virtual reality film QR code, including the introduction of a technology combining the local products unique to Fethiye was made.

Fethiye stand The first day of the exhibition, the Fethiye Governor, Balçova Governor Süleyman Özçakıcı, TÜRSAB President Firuz Bağlıkaya; On the second day, Mayor of Marmaris visited Ali Acar. 7, the second day of the fair, met cocktail tourism professionals at the Fethiye booth at 15.00 on Friday, December. Fethiye, Mayor of Fethiye Behçet Saatcı, Fethiye Mayor Mete Atay, Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Osman Çıralı, Fethiye Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen President Mehmet Soydemir, Fethiye Drivers and Automobiles Chamber of Tradesmen Chamber Şaban Taşer, TÜRSAB President of the West Mediterranean BYK Özgen Uysal, Fethiye Hoteliers Union President Bülent Uysal, Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board of Directors and Assembly Members attended. Fethiye Tourism Council, as well as institutions and organizations, as well as many Fethiye tourists participating in the fair contributed to the promotion of the region.

Before the 2019 season, Fethiye promotion will be continued intensely at the markets and fairs determined by Fethiye Tourism Council.

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