Manisa Büyükşehir's Turgutlu Grill


The Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa responded to unfounded allegations raised by the Presidency of the Republican People's Party (CHP) on the ongoing side road works at the Turgutlu Alparslan Türkeş Junction. The statement, the road to connect to the main line of the rainwater line MASKI contracted by the contractor company carried out the study, the use of the removed grilles will be used again, therefore no damage was not given.

In the statement made on the subject: et Metropolitan Municipality in our town by the Metropolitan Municipality and continued construction of the second cross-section called the modern crossroads Alparslan Türkeş junction continues with side road connections. In order to be able to transfer all of the rainwater lines to the main line made by MASKI General Directorate by the side roads in the intersection arrangement and by the contractor firm in an area of ​​30 meters to be transferred to the main line made by MASKI General Directorate. This study, the political material was made by the CHP Turgutlu District President and completely destroyed the investment made by the MASKI General Directorate of public opinion as misleading and purposeful explanations were made. As stated by the President of the District, there is no such situation and the vents in the area where the study is carried out will be connected to the newly opened road axis. We would like to inform our local citizens and Manisa public not to respect such unrealistic discourses. Li



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