Bursa Business Continues Export Mobilization

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which took steps to strengthen the foreign trade volume of the business world in September, the export mobilization continues in September. BTSO's Global Fair Agency and Ur-Ge projects were held in September. BTSO Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Burkay, Bursa business world to achieve a more competitive structure in the global arena will continue to work said.

BTSO continues to bring its members together with the world's most important fair organizations in different sectors and it also contributes to the companies to establish new business connections. With more than a thousand members, XTSX has organized an overseas program close to 41, within the scope of the Ur-Ge Projects carried out with the Global Fair Agency and the Ministry of Commerce. 160 exports to the country carried out to the 40 close to a thousand business people participated.


BTSO's export-oriented projects continued in September. In the first 2018 month of 7, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which signed its international program close to 30, successfully completed the 11 separate foreign program it took in September. BTSO members who took part in the events organized in different geographies of the world from France to America, from Germany to Kazakhstan, returned to Bursa by laying the foundations of their important cooperation.


In September, the companies operating in the textile industry visited the Turkish-French Chamber of Commerce with the Premiere Vision and Texworld Fair held in Paris under the chairmanship of Parliament Speaker Ali Uğur. While the automotive sector representatives made inspections at Automechanika Fair held in Germany under the chairmanship of BTSO Vice President Cüneyt Şener and Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan, Bursa companies with great experience in furniture production were held in China under the chairmanship of BTSO Board Member Hasan Gürses. He visited 'Furniture Fair. BTSO members operating in the food sector examined the 'World Food Moscow Fair' organized in Russia under the chairmanship of Board Members Aytuğ Onur and Haşim Kılıç, and BTSO members operating in the marble sector Marmomac - Cersasie 2018 Fair held in Italy.


Turkey's most Ur-D project conducted by institutions with BCCI, International Competitiveness Enhancement project to be signed in September. Within the scope of Composite Ur-Ge project, companies participating in SPE Fair and Congress held in USA for automotive composites visited R & D center of Ford, which is an important brand in automotive sector. The members of the Railway Systems Ur-Ge project participated in Innotrans Berlin Fair held in Germany with the participation of BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan.

Bebe Children's Clothing Ur-Ge project members visited B2B meetings and trade center in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with the participation of BTSO Vice Chairman Ismail Kus. The representatives of the Chemistry Ur-Ge project participated in bilateral business meetings with BTSO Council Member İlker Duran in the Romanian capital of Bucharest.


Ibrahim Burkay, Chairman of BTSO, said that Bursa has many years of experience in production and export. Bursa firms overseas trade fairs and Burkay, indicating that capture developments closely examine deals that took place in the sector with B2B organization, said the Global Trade Agency and Ur & D Projects provide significantly contribute to increasing the number of exporting companies in Bursa. Burkay said, dün Bursa business world has a serious potential in production in the last 4 year. As BTSO, we would like to see our companies in the world arena in addition to domestic markets. Our companies have the potential to achieve this. We are going through a difficult period as a country. From this period we are exposed to economic attacks, we can only produce and export. Ekonomik


Expressing that there has been a significant increase in the number of exporter companies in Bursa in the last 5 years with the contribution of BTSO's export-oriented projects, Mayor Burkay said, “Our foreign fairs play a key role in accessing new export markets. Until the end of this year, we will continue exporting to the USA, France, Czech Republic and Serbia. We will continue to carry our scholarship to international markets with our Global Fair Agency, Commercial Safari, qualified fair organizations, Turkish Trade Centers, Country Desks and Business Councils. We aim to increase the number of our Ur-Ge projects, which increase the competitive power of our sectors, to over 20. ” used expressions.


BTSO and KOSGEB continue to facilitate the transportation, accommodation and guidance fees of the companies participating in the business trips organized within the scope of the Global Fair Agency. KOSGEB, 3 thousand pounds for the countries close to the companies participating in the organizations, while in the distant countries 5 thousand liras while offering support; BTSO also gives support to every member who makes an application up to two times a year for 1.000. BTSO members are also www.kfa.com.t is In order to get detailed information about the fairs, you can apply for organizations related to their sectors.

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