Black Box System Will Be Used In Buses In Sanliurfa

📩 24/12/2018 17:23

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which has won many awards in transportation, passes to the black box system used in airplanes to ensure safe and comfortable transportation of passengers in public transport.

All kinds of information can be transmitted to the center from A to Z in the car and head immediately to potential problems with the new system intervention edebilecek.şanlıurf Metropolitan Municipality, a sample application is taking more signatures will be shown in Turkey.

In order to eliminate transportation problems in Şanlıurfa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which offers new roads, bridge crossings and boulevards in terms of infrastructure, increases the number of state-of-the-art vehicles and enables citizens to make transportation in a more comfortable and safe environment.

In the past period, taking a lot of awards at international branch of public transport in the city of Sanliurfa become examples shown in Turkey, this time acquainted with a whole new system.


In order to prevent traffic accidents in city buses, to save on fuel consumption, to increase road safety, to minimize maintenance costs and passenger comfort, the black box system used in aircraft is prepared to be applied in buses.

After the Black Box Project has been realized, it will be possible to record the conditions of the driver and the vehicle at the time of the accident with the communication network structure that can be detected with remote access.

Thanks to the instant data provided by this system, air conditioning temperature, fuel savings, number of brakes to engine temperature, fault information from the vehicle idling time, a lot of information can be managed from a central moment. With the commissioning of this system, the driver will not be able to turn on the air conditioner or the vehicle will be used fast or slow.

With the project, the ratio of passengers in buses can be calculated. Buses can be measured in the weight of the system can be determined the occupancy rate of vehicles. Additional bus services will be available in areas with high density.

Passenger rates will work integrated to Urfa Transportation, the smart phone application of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. Thanks to this application, passengers will be able to see the occupancy rate of the bus they are waiting for via the Mobile Application, where they can access “How Do I Go ?, Stops Near Me and Timetable Filling Points” and many more information.

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