Shade Interchange Renewed

Due to the increase in vehicle density at the shadowy junction, the rotating island was canceled by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, the shadowy junction was revised within the scope of the 4-arm signalized intersection project, and it was opened to traffic in its new form. Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


New Ring Road Coming to Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan September Assembly Meeting was held. Assembly members have decided on the agenda item 79. Zoning plans prepared for the Serdivan Ring Road project, which will form an alternative route to the North-South transportation of the city [more…]


Sunflower Bike Valley Preparing to Championship

Mayor Toçoğlu, who reviewed the ongoing work in the Sunflower Bicycle Valley, said, “We will train our project for the championship to be held at the end of September. Our preparations are continuing at full speed. We will host a championship in the countryside. Hopefully Sakarya, [more…]


Transportation Decision in Kayseri Metropolitan Council

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Council, gathered to decide the issues on the agenda. At the meeting, an important decision was taken on public transportation in the districts. The decision taken by the citizens of the district cooperatives to raise the request for a raise without being reflected [more…]

Intercity Railways

BTS Chairman Bektaş: Germans Can't Solve TCDD's Problems

There were claims in the German press that the railway system in Turkey would be modernized with the financial and technological support of Germany. According to Hasan Bektaş, Chairman of the United Transport Union, this agreement will accelerate the privatization of railways. Bektaş, “TCDD's [more…]


The army should accelerate

Ordu-Giresun International (OGU) Airport, which solved a major problem in transportation with the Ordu, is asked to skip the era of high-speed train. 'Army 1. Lack of speed train lines in the field of transportation at the Development Workshop [more…]

35 Izmir

Train car divided in two in Izmir 1 dead

The 80-year-old driver of the car, which was hit by the train at the level crossing in Izmir's Bayındır district, died. According to the information obtained, the 80-year-old AY, who entered the level crossing in Yakacık, Bayındır district of İzmir, uncontrolled. [more…]