World's First Driverless Tram Goes Service in Germany

first motorless tramway in Germany goes into service in Germany
first motorless tramway in Germany goes into service in Germany

Combino, the world's first driverless tram produced by Siemens, made its first test drive at the InnoTrans 2018 event. The vehicle will be launched in Germany in the near future.

The world's first autonomous tram, Siemens Combino, recently carried out a successful test drive within the scope of the International Railway Technologies, Systems and Vehicles Fair (InnoTrans) held in Potsdam, Germany. Combino, which is about 6 kilometers around the city, is getting ready to be put into service in the very near future.

Combino is an artificial intelligence-driven autonomous tram developed by Siemens and incorporating many of the technologies found in autonomous cars. With artificial intelligence algorithms, it can perform a successful driving in traffic and can automatically brake in the dangers encountered. In other words, she can use her own initiative in emergency situations just like she has a real driver.

Combino made a 2018-kilometer test drive in the city as part of InnoTrans 6. According to the news from the British news agency The Guardian, Kate Connolly, the trial drive also included a pre-built emergency drill. A Siemens employee jumped on the road during the test drive and Combino succeeded in braking successfully. Then he continued his course when the danger disappeared.

ViP and Siemens are still working with Karlsruhe University computer scientists. "We are working to improve safety for local and long-distance travel, making the train and infrastructure even smarter," said Sabrina Soussan, CEO of Siemens Mobility. found comments. When all the work is over, Siemens Combino will start serving in Potsdam, Germany, as the world's first autonomous tram.

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