Tourists can't go where the tram doesn't go

Tourists can not go where the tram does not go: Istanbul welcomes millions of local and foreign tourists every year. The biggest problem of visitors is lack of information.
Although metro and tram line schedules provide a great convenience for foreign tourists, it is not possible to say the same for other means of transport. Tourists want more information at every point.
Lack of information on public transport in Istanbul puts foreigners in a difficult situation. Especially the lack of information at the bus stops makes those who cannot use the rail systems a lot of trouble. There is no information at the bus stops except where the line departs and where it will arrive. For this reason, passengers going to a place between their departure and arrival points are obliged to ask someone where they will go. Those who complain the most about this situation are foreign tourists. Tourists, who have difficulties in reaching the most important historical and touristic places of Istanbul such as Yedikule, Eyüp, Rumelihisarı and Çamlıca, take a lot of trouble to go wherever they want when they cannot communicate with Turkish citizens. Tourists who cannot access sufficient information even on the internet find the solution to either walking or taking a taxi.
Foreign tourists also think that tourist information offices are insufficient. There are only 10 tourist information offices in Istanbul, which is visited by approximately 6 million foreign tourists annually. Tourist named Ivana Polic, who came from Croatia to Istanbul for a 5-day trip, is one of those who think that the tourist information offices in Istanbul are quite insufficient. The young tourist says that he cannot go to the places he wants because there is no English information at the bus stops.
Bahattin Yücel, President of the Tourism Research Association said, "Since there are no transportation guides for our citizens and foreign tourists, people do not know where to go and how." says. Yücel also says that in the regions heavily used by tourists, there should be information not only in English but also in languages ​​such as Arabic and Japanese, and for this, live points should be established.
According to the information received from IETT, the directorate does not have any effort to provide information in a foreign language at the bus stops. Mobiett smart phone application, developed to facilitate the travel of foreigners to the city, has only Turkish language option. Another complaint of tourists, who say that there should be information such as metro and tram at bus stops, is that there are no lockers at the stations. This system, which is applied in many European cities, is not available in Istanbul, one of the most tourist-attracting cities in the world. South African citizen Toni Sylvester says that he dragged his luggage with him until the evening of his departure from Istanbul, as there are no safes at metro stations.

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