Response to the Condition of Receiving 15 TL Card for Transportation to the Elderly in Bursa

In Bursa, CHP members reacted to the requirement to buy a card for 65 TL for free transportation to citizens over 15 years old.

CHP members in Bursa, Osmangazi Metro Station in front of the statement in a statement to the citizens of 65 over the age of 15 XNUMX TL reacted to the requirement to buy a card.

Orhan Sarıbal, CHP Deputy Chairman and Bursa Deputy, Bursa Branch Chairman Günay Onayman, and the Vice President of CHP Youth Branch Sercan Çelik, made a statement regarding the free travel right of citizens over the age of 65 in front of Osmangazi Metro Station. Stating that approximately 500 thousand citizens over 65 years old live in Bursa, Sarıbal mentioned the imposition of receiving 'BUKART' for 15 TL from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality so that they can travel for free. Metropolitan Municipality is committing a crime in this regard. ”

Sarıbal said that citizens over 65 are entitled to free and unlimited transportation, “We are calling the Metropolitan Municipality and BURULAŞ to enforce the law numbered 4736. We will launch a signature campaign for the implementation of the law in question and we will bring the issue to the agenda of the parliament. ”


Sarıbal said, “We openly call Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Under the economic crisis in our country, the elderly who are already traumatized and have difficulties should not receive money under the name of card fee and visa fee. You should ensure that our elderly benefit completely and free of charge in urban transportation. Remove card fees and travel right you limit. Our old people can get on public transport only by showing their identity cards. ”


Reminding the change made in Law No. 2013 in 4736, Orhan Sarıbal said, “This practice has not been carried out for 5 years. We will be followers of this topic until the end. We will launch signature campaigns for the implementation of the law in question and will bring the issue to the agenda of the parliament. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality should give up this application immediately. ”


Sercan Çelik, Deputy Chairman of CHP Youth Branch, reminded the change in the law numbered 12 on July 2013, 4736 and stated that they had been in contact with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and BURULAŞ for 5 years, but they could not reach any results. Reminding that a 50 percent discount should be applied not only in public transportation vehicles but also in the institutions affiliated with the municipalities on the rail and sea routes, Çelik made the following explanations: “Currently, a discount of only 4 TL is applied in BUDO. But the law in question says, '65 percent discount should be made for citizens over 50 years of age on intercity railways and sea routes.' This law is a right given to the elderly by the European Union norms. We invite the Metropolitan Municipality to comply with the law. ”

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