Akçaray Tram Line will extend to Kocaeli Stadium

Map of Akcaray Kocaeli
Map of Akcaray Kocaeli

Akçaray Tram Line Will Reach Until Kocaeli Stadium: It is announced by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality that the Akçaray tram line will extend to Kocaeli Stadium after Kuruçeşme and Şehir Hospital. The tram line is gradually spreading across the city. According to the project that has been tendered before, three new lines, 8 kilometers in total, will be integrated on the Kuruçeşme, Şehir Hospital and Alikahya stadium routes. Kuruçeşme line will be extended by 1 kilometer and connected to the Beachway tram line. The Alikahya stadium line will reach 3 meters and will merge with the existing line in Yahya Kaptan.


The 3 bin 500 meter City Hospital line will be connected to the tram line in the Bekirdere region. City Hospital and stadium tram line part will be completed in 120 days. There will be 5 on the hospital line and 7 stop on the 2 Kuruçeşme line on the stadium line. Preliminary project work is also carried out for the 17 kilometer tram line in the direction of Körfez-Derince-İzmit.

Kocaeli Tram Map

Akçaray Tramway Promotion Film



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