Fire Passes On Passenger Train In Russia

fire in Russia on the moving passenger train
fire in Russia on the moving passenger train

The passenger train from Tomsk, Russia to Anapa in the Krasnodar region was burned while on the move.

A car was burned in the fire on the 134 passenger train from the city of Tomsk in the Siberian region of Russia to the city of Anapa in the Krasnodar city of Krasnodar. A fire broke out due to a failure in the electrical system in the last car of the train. The 17 in the car crashed into other wagons with a passenger panic.

The mechanic stopped the train and parted the burning wagon. Fire teams extinguished the fire as a result of great efforts. While the wagon became unusable in the fire, there were no casualties or injuries.

Five people were detained in connection with the fire and an investigation was launched.

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