3. Airport Transportation Lines and Line Fees

While approaching the end of Istanbul's airport, which will be the largest in the world, the prices to be received from the passengers on their buses that will operate in the direction of the airport to be opened on October 29 have been determined. More than 3 buses will be arranged for the 150rd Airport to reach the passengers every day, and announced that buses will depart on the relevant routes every 10 minutes or 15 minutes. Passengers who will provide airport transportation with these buses will pay the cheapest 18 TL and the most expensive 30 TL.

The third airport, which is under construction in Istanbul, was reported to be opened on 3 October with a huge opening. Thanks to the airport where millions of passengers will be transported, many airline companies will be able to carry more passengers by organizing additional flights. The third airport, which will be used for both domestic and international transfers, is carefully monitored over all European countries. 29. With the opening of the airport, the Municipality of Istanbul has announced how much the buses will be in the airport and passengers will be transported.

3.Havalimanı will make luxury transport with luggage for the day, depending on the distance from the bus lines expected to carry 75 thousand passengers will be charged between 12 and 30 TL as per the specification. 50 kilometer Yenikapi-Sirkeci line will be the place where most vehicles will be placed. 11 will move every minute and even 23 will serve the vehicle. The cost of this line will be 18 TL. The most expensive and the farthest line will be from Pendik district. This line will be organized by 5 vehicles. The cost of the 93 kilometer Pendik line will be 30 TL.

The details of the bus lines are as follows;
Line name-Distance (one way) -Sefer frequency-Trip fee-Number of vehicles

1.Beylikdüzü Tuyap-52 km-15 minute-21 TL-15 vehicle
2.Otogar-38 km-15 minute-16 TL-12 vehicle
3.Bakırköy-44 km-10 minute-18 TL-19 vehicle
4.Yenikapı-Sirkeci-50 km-11 minute-18 TL-23 vehicle
5.Beşiktaş-43 km-20 minute-18 TL-13 vehicle
6.Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Station-31 km-30 minute-16 TL-5 vehicle
7.Kadıköy-64 km-20 minutes-25 TL-11 vehicle
8.Pendik-93 km-45 minute-30 TL-5 vehicle
9.Hacıosman-40 km-30 minute-16 TL-4 vehicle
10.Tepe-91 km-30 minute-25 TL-7 vehicle
11.Arnavutköy-22 km-40 minute-12 TL-3 vehicle
12.Kemerburgaz-21 km-40 minute-12 TL-3 vehicle
13.Sarıyer-40 km-30 minute-16 TL-5 vehicle
14.Bashakehir-27 km-30 minute-14 TL-4 vehicle
15.Bahçeşehir-40 km-40 minute-16 TL-4 vehicle
16.Mahmutbey Metro-36 km-45 minute-15 TL-3 vehicle
17Halkalı-40 km-50 minutes-16 TL-4 vehicle
18.Mecidiyeköy-37 km-15 minute-16 TL-10 vehicle

The metro between Gayrettepe and Istanbul New Airport is the 2019 station, which will consist of 27 kilometers at the end of the year. Halkalı- The metro between Istanbul New Airport is expected to be opened at the end of 2020.

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