Chairman Türel: Nok We are at the point of being in the public transport Başkan

President Menderes Türel, who met with the transportation tradesmen, said, ve We have made significant changes in Antalya public transportation which are based on solid foundations and will not make our trades difficult. We are at an enviable spot among all cities. Bütün

Mayor Menderes Türel met with the members of Antalya Chamber of Busman Tradesmen after iftar. Hailing the transportation tradesmen, Türel said, ım You are our business partner, our solution partner. We carry the people of Antalya together. Your success is our success, our success is your success. We made significant changes in Antalya public transportation, which are based on solid foundations and will no longer bother our tradesmen. It was not easy to do them. We did this together. The point that we came today is an enviable spot among all cities. Bugün

You need to set up a cooperative

Explaining that they faced legal problems when they decided to support transportation tradesmen per kilometer, Türel said: “As it requires a legal regulation, we have settled in Ankara, our Chamber President and Union President. We went door to door. We took a very important risk and showed willpower by providing this support to you without waiting for the law. Our problem is yours kazanwe have With the new law, our work has become easier. In the law, this support is paid to certain cooperatives. It is necessary to establish a cooperative in which all of you will be members. I wanted you to unite under one roof from the very beginning, and now that will have come true.”

Autocontrol is a must

Our goal is to please the public in public transportation, memnuniyet said President Türel, “We passed a parliamentary regulation for the satisfaction of our people. We don't want to punish anybody. But we have to apply these criminal and disciplinary regulations to ensure that we all have autocontrol. We are also punishing the drivers of the Metropolitan Municipality in Transportation Inc. Our problem is not to interrupt the penalty. Friends should be careful not to take a penalty after this. We all need to check each other before that, Bu he said.

Don't stop going on

President Menderes Türel stated that they will continue their trainings for the transportation tradesmen and said, ini Our job is to make you happy and make the nation happy. Don't stop going on the road. I hope you get your way open Yol he concluded.

The so-called not the essence of the artisan friendly president

AESOB President Adlıhan Dere stressed that Menderes Türel is not a pseudo-tradesman, but rather ere President Türel solves all sorts of tradesmen since he took office. The solution to these problems is unity. I would like to express my gratitude to the artisan-friendly Mayor Menderes Türel for his great value..

Thanks to Chairman Türel

Yasin Arslan, the President of the Chamber of Antalya Chamber of Shutters, said that they had solved the problems of transportation tradesmen by giving hand in hand with Mayor Menderes Türel. Arslan, said: “A new agreement on the subject of mileage laws and regulations had to be issued. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality came to us and the Ministry went to the Ministry to put this law into the law. Great thank you. 65 was the subject of age. President of the Prime Minister of the 750 pounds 65 pounds 1300 liras more out of age paid. Our state has always been a solution to our problems. We can get an addressee. Muh

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