Signatures for Sivas Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone

Infrastructure construction protocol contract of Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone, which will provide the 40-year dream of Sivas and employ 40 people, has been signed.

Sivas Governorship Governor At the signing ceremony held in Hasan Canpolat Hall; Governor Davut Gül, Sivas Deputy Mehmet Habib Soluk, Mayor Sami Aydın, Sivas Provincial Secretary General Secretary Mehmet Nebi Kaya, TSO President Mustafa Eken, OIZ Director Bekir Sıtkı Eminoğlu and ÖZ ER-KA İnşaat A.Ş. She found.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Governor Davut Gül stated that the organized industrial zones are 3 partners in each province. provincial administration, municipalities and chambers of commerce, he said.

Stating that we have 814 hectares of land in Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone, Gül said, “The difference between this and other organized industrial parts; There is a railway fishbone line in each parcel. In other words, there is an opportunity for 224 of our 224 industrial parcels to reach the railway. This is what makes us strong and different. Mr. Habib Soluk has contributed to the construction of the railway line to the parcels at every stage. ” he spoke.

Reminding that the zoning plan was approved in 2015, Gül said, “We have talked about this for 40 years, but the stage of doing this has accelerated in the last 3 years. Approving the zoning plan is not enough alone. Expropriation can take 5 years, 10 years, 15 years when you follow the normal process. Reaching those who have the land and buying those land with your money is a very difficult task. You cannot start work when expropriation is not resolved. The Council of Ministers decided to rush expropriation regarding this place. In the organized industrial zones, there is nowhere else in the last 15 years that the ministerial board decided to expropriate. Our project is over and we held the project tender on June 7. ” He spoke in the form.

The infrastructure work has a two-year period noted that Rose, said:

“Our wish is to end 2019 on September 4. Why is that? The 100th anniversary of the Sivas Congress. We had 100 projects in the 100th year. We shared this with the public. I would like to thank our Minister of National Education, İsmet Yılmaz, our Minister Mehmet Habib Soluk, our deputies, mayor, the chamber of commerce, the general secretary and the team of the private administration, the company that will make the infrastructure, guiding us at every stage of the Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone. When this place is completely filled, it will employ 40 thousand people. If Sivas will develop, the private sector will develop by hand. Everything that could be done in Sivas in terms of public investment was almost done. If there are deficiencies, it is done. It is either at the planning stage, at the project stage, or at the actual construction stage. The industry will develop further when the private sector is opened here. Good luck to our city. ”

Sivas Deputy Soluk stated that each factory will consist of 10 and 100 decares, “It is very important for each factory to enter the railway fishbone network. We are in a position to reach the ports. Next to it, we will have a 520-decare logistics center. When the logistics center with Demirağ Organize Sanayi is over, Sivas will have broken its shell. It will receive immigration from outside. It is not a solution not to immigrate the people in Sivas. ” said.

Mayor Aydın and Secretary General Kaya also wished Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone to be beneficial to our city.

Following the speeches, a protocol was signed between our Governor Davut Gül and ÖZ ER-KA Construction Inc. firm Tuğrul Çelik.

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