New Term with IM CIM Transport Document Demiryolu in Railway Freight Transportation

Within the scope of the Common Transit Agreement and the provisions of the Customs Law, the ler CIM Certificate leştirilmiş, which is used in international railway transportation for the transportation to be made by our Company and with the permission of our Company, has been used as a Transit Declaration within the scope of the permission to carry in the simplified procedure in the common and national transit regimes.

Transit declaration and the need to provide collateral

Thus, a common transit from countries that are party to the Convention (EU countries, EFTA countries, Macedonia and Serbia) from Turkey and then arranging transit declaration in transportation rail against this country, and it was resolved to provide guarantee requirements.

After the pilot applications, the notification prepared for the application to be spread throughout the network TCDD Transportation, 05 June 2018 was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

With the Communiqué, it is aimed to speed up the customs works by reducing the transactions, especially the border crossings, so that the goods can be brought to the economy quickly and at a lower cost. kazanA regulation was made to

Train border operations 15 minutes per minute

While the customs procedures are accelerated by reducing the transit steps in the railway transportation process and the process steps are decreased, the train border operations that last between 5 hours and 2 days are completed in maximum 15 minutes and the train is ready to be shipped. output and final operations made easy.

A first in railway history

In addition, within the scope of this practice, the possibility of the first goods to be brought to the ports in the railway history, to be transported to the country by the wagon also the possibility of carrying the CIM transport document was born.

With the mentioned developments, the goods can be transferred to the economy quickly and at a lower cost. kazanThe process of exporting the export goods and closing the export declaration is accelerated by reducing the costs in the export process.

Simplified procedure to be allowed to make the move

According to the regulation; a rail railway operator authorized by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications will be allowed to simplify the carriage of goods by rail.

Permit application will be made to the General Directorate of Customs

The General Directorate of Customs shall apply to the simplification permit for the carriage of goods by rail.

Transaction Authority TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Directorate will be

According to the provisions of the Common Transit Convention, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. will be authorized to use the simplification procedures within the scope of the common and national transit regime.

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