Konak Tram Will Be Paid From 2 July

📩 22/12/2018 17:34

The process of "pre-operation with passengers", which has been continuing at Konak Tramway free of charge since 24 March, is completed. After the university exams, from Monday, July 2, tram boarding will be paid. The ESHOT General Directorate will also implement new regulations on some lines, after the Konak Tram, which provides services integrated with the subway, suburban, bus and sea transportation, has been officially put into operation.

Izmir residents got used to life with tram. The passenger pre-operation process, which has been continuing since March for the system to settle in Konak Tramway, has come to an end. Starting on Monday, July 2, the 12,6 km Halkapınar-Fahrettin Altay line will be operated with a fee. After the first flight at 06.00 in the morning, the flights to be made at 10-minute intervals during the day will continue until 00.00 at night. As with other transportation systems of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the application, which allows unlimited transfer within 90 minutes, is also valid for trams.
Konak Tram, which provides service integrated with subway, suburban, bus and sea transportation, provides 21 vehicles.

New regulations for buses
With the start of the paid services on the Konak tram line brought by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to the city, ESHOT General Directorate is also making new regulations on some bus lines, effective from Monday, July 2nd. Accordingly, the lines and routes after the new arrangement are as follows:

Balçova-Narlıdere-Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard Area;
12 numbered Fahrettin Altay Transmission-Halkapınar Metro, 169 Balçova-Konak and X-NUMX Narlıdere-Konak lines are being canceled. Two new lines are opened. In the morning (554: 06-00: 09) and evening (00: 16-00: 20) Balçova-Konak 00 and 669 Narlıdere-Konak lines, which will serve via İnönü Street, will be put into service. Outside these hours; Passengers traveling to Konak direction will be able to reach the tram or metro line via the Fahrettin Altay Transfer Center and the passengers going to the Alsancak direction by transferring to the tram line. Public transportation on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard will be provided by tram line.

Bornova-Çiğli-Karşıyaka Area:
Bostanlı İskele-Konak with 121, Evka 63 Metro-Konak with 3 and Egekent Transfer-Konak lines with 802 in the morning (06: 00-09: 00) and evening (16: 00-20: 00) hours to serve from Talatpaşa Boulevard.
Outside these hours, the new service will be opened Bostanlı İskele-Alsancak Garage, 921 Evka 963 Metro-Alsancak Gar, 3 Egekent Transit-Alsancak Gar lines and transfer to the tram line will be able to reach Alsancak and Konak region.

Buca-Gaziemir-Karabağlar Region:
The last stop of the Şirinyer Transmission-Halkapınar Metro line with the number 70 will be held in Tınaztepe. With this line, Bozyaka-Halkapınar Metro with 80, Gaziemir-Halkapınar Metro with 90, Üçyol Metro-Halkapınar Metro with 255, F.Altay-Halkapınar Metro lines with 581 in the morning (06: 00-09 : 00) and evening (16: 00-20: 00).
These hours will be opened outside the new service Tynaztepe-Lausanne Square, 470, Bozyaka-Lausanne Square, 680 Gaziemir-Lausanne Square, 691, the three-way Metro-Lausanne Square, 655 No. F.Altay Transfer to the tram line from the tram stop at Atatürk High School and reach the Alsancak and Halkapınar district via the -Lozan Square lines.

Kahramanlar-Isciler Street District:
Halkapınar Metro-Konak line with the number 251 will be canceled and Kahramanmaras-Konak ring line with the number 951 will be put into service. Halkapınar Metro 252-Konak line, which is located on.
In addition, the last stop of line 253, which serves through Talatpaşa Boulevard, will be taken to the Halkapınar Metro 2 Transfer Center. The route of the line will be arranged in the direction of Halkapınar Metro 2 Transfer Center, following Şehitler Street and using İşçiler Street.

Contact information for questions
General Directorate of ESHOT, citizens who want to get detailed information about the new regulations of the institution's website (www.eshot.gov.tr), as well as the 320 0 320 communication line can also benefit from the possible deficiencies in the transfer centers throughout the day will serve the field staff said.

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