Aliağa Ports Logistic Village Wanted Breaking Records

In recent years, the port investments in the logistics that attack; Aliağa ports, which are preferred by exporters and importers with the advantage of time, cost and depth, continue to increase in maritime trade.

In 2017, the record of total handling at Aliaga harbors, the number of ships arriving and container handling has been broken all time. In 2017 total cargo handling at the ports of Aliaga became the 55 million 635 thousand. The number of ships arriving at ports was 5 bin 202; container handling was carried out by 794 bin 342 TEU.

The new target at Aliağa ports is to establish a logistics center to be an intercontinental container transfer port with the positive effect of port investments and to provide more added value from the cargo handled in the region.

Target 1 million TEU

Aliağa Port of Aliaga Chamber of Commerce President Adnan Saka stated that Aliağa ports are moving towards the summit in addition to general cargo handling capacity and ship traffic as well as container transport. leaving the 2009 thousand TEU number reached. We also expect this figure to reach 8 million TEU recently. 794 1 thousand years ago, the number of ships from reaching 10 2 thousand xnumx'y who today became the second port in Turkey's most ship traffic. We have reached 500 million tons in 5 million tons in total cargo handling. These figures reached in a short time reveal a tremendous development. The tower and propellers produced by the wind power plants and the transformers produced in the organized industrial zone are also transported from the ports of Aliağa. Looking forward, logistical movements will increase with different products. All these figures show the port of Aliaga is one of the few ports of Turkey's most important, "he said

'Aliağa, should be connected to the Global Transportation Corridors with the Logistics Center to be Established'

Stating that Aliağa has a great potential with its industrial production, energy investments and the realization of the logistics infrastructure and logistics center investments in the region at this point, Saka will shape the competition in the world of the future rather than the production costs. Companies are looking for ways to deliver their products to the global markets in the least costly and fastest way. So the whole goal is to get maximum efficiency with minimum cost. Investors are aware of the strategic importance of the ports of Aliaga that do not have any extra logistics costs. Aliaga is the export and import center of Aegean Region with a foreign trade volume of 20 alone. In addition to being a productive force, Aliaga has the potential to become an important transfer hub; therefore, we must transform the geo-strategic position of Aliağa into an advantage for all stakeholders. Our priority should be to complete the investments that will connect our ports in Aliağa with the logistics center to be established in the district first and then to the industrial transport corridors with industrial zones. Ön

Transportation Investments Boosting Aliaga's Investment Attracts

Noting that Aliağa, Manisa, Denizli, which are at the center of land, sea and railway transportation networks, has become a point where Western Anatolia is opened to world trade, Mayor Saka said, “The rapid continuation of the Menemen - Aliağa - Çandarlı highway, The project of connecting Anatolian freight to Aliağa with the connection project and extending the railway network from Aliağa to Bergama makes the region very valuable. At the same time, with the completion of İzmir-Çanakkale and İzmir-İstanbul Motorways, Aliağa and our region will become a center of attraction for both logistics and investments. ”

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