Atabey Ferry Pier Reorganized

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Atabey ferry pier is doing landscaping works. Filling and excavation works have been completed to a great extent. Atabey ferry port making some arrangements Metropolitan Municipality, ferries to the pier more [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Claims of Worker's Deaths Moved to Parliament

According to the news of Mehmet Kızmaz from Cumhuriyet; It was claimed that 400 workers died in the construction of the third airport and that the families of the workers from Anatolia were silenced by paying money. These claims were also brought to the Parliament. CHP Workers Unions, Occupation [more…]


127 Million Lira With National Tram Savings

With the preference of vehicles produced in Turkey for light rail system vehicles in Kayseri, approximately 127 million liras were saved. Kayseri, which wants to continue on the road with domestic vehicles instead of light rail system vehicles imported from Italy [more…]