34 Istanbul

İZBAN Employees Are Being Fucked

In the suburb of Izmir plus citizens infuriated the period of money. Responses were directed towards the İZBAN employee instead of the municipality and State Railways, which are the competent authorities. There were injuries. Demir Yol-İş union entered into operation, new members [more…]

Intercity Railways

Level Crossing for Safety

Gulf Municipality teams, located at the bottom of the subway at the lower part of the Gulf Train Station in the high section of the exit area towards the beach made wire mesh work, made it safer. Korfez Municipality Science Works [more…]

06 Ankara

Seizure Change at Ulus Metro Station

After the arrival of the elevator call initiated by two disabled citizens who want to draw attention to the elevators that are not working in Ulus Station of Ankara Metro, Hürriyet came to the agenda in Ankara, Metropolitan teams intervened in problematic devices. Teams starting to repair elevators, [more…]