Manufacturing of freight wagons in Sivas Demirağ OSB

Freight wagons will be manufactured in Sivas Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone: Investors' interest in the newly established Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone in Sivas is increasing. Gök Grup operating in the city will manufacture freight wagons in the newly established OSB. in the city [more…]

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Significant progress in Manisan's ropeway project

Important development in Manisa's cable car project: The cable car line, which will start from Uncubozköy in Manisa and end at the summit of Spil, is waiting for reconstruction. 40, whose tender has been completed in Manisa, but whose route has been changed due to the wind hazard recently. [more…]

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40 of Percentage of Third Airport Completed

40% of the Third Airport Completed: When completed, 40% of İsyanbul New Airport, which will be the world's largest in many areas, especially in the number of passengers, the area it covers, the terminal building and the parking lot, has been completed. All [more…]