40 of Percentage of Third Airport Completed

40% of the Third Airport is Completed: Upon completion, 40% of the İsyanbul New Airport, which will be the largest in the world in many areas, especially the number of passengers, the area it covers, the terminal building and the car park, has been completed.

When all phases are completed, Istanbul New Airport will be the biggest competitor of 2.

At Istanbul New Airport, the largest and most strategic project in the history of the Republic, work continues at full speed. Turkey's 2023 Third airport located between the projects implemented within the scope of objectives, Genghis-Mapa-Limak-Kolin-Galleon was founded by a consortium of executive and concessionaire companies Istanbul Grand Airport (HDI), 7 days, 24 hours, continues to work in 3 shifts The first phase of the airport, which is planned to open in February 2018, will be able to land and take off 2 thousand planes per day.

The number of airport last 14 years in Turkey, leaving 26 to 55, the annual 35 million the number of passengers using the airline 180 million aştı.üçünc the airport all phases are complete, the world has a year to 90 million passenger capacity busiest airport, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport Istanbul New Airport, which will have the capacity to accommodate 110 million passengers even in the first place, will be the best in this area as well.

Istanbul New Airport also stands out in terms of the area it covers with 7 thousand 594 hectares. Beijing, which is currently the largest in the field and has an area of ​​2 hectares, will have 330 times the size.

The airport will have the largest terminal under one roof in the world, and the aircraft parking areas will have a capacity to serve 114 aircraft simultaneously, including 347 aircraft approaching the main terminal. will have the largest parking lot.

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