MHP Provincial Chairman Ersoy, Kayseri SKY Train

📩 15/12/2018 17:06

MHP Provincial Chairman Ersoy, Kayseri SKY Train Do: Last weekend at the end of the Sivas Street traffic sting, the traffic problem in Kayseri again ignited the debate. The idea of ​​taking the trolley underground, which is considered to be the biggest cause of the traffic problem, came from a different approach from MHP provincial chairman Baki Ersoy. Ersoy said, may If you cannot get the tram that paralyzes the traffic of our city, do not keep it on the ground. On top of the ground, lift it up. Make high-speed tram, also called SKY Train. SK

Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party Baki Ersoy, made important explanations about the agenda. Ersoy, "straight and wide ways to gain memory in Kayseri in the last period, and consequently due to the air pollution began to be remembered." He said.

In Kayseri, the large and straight roads are called şekil freaks ın and the overpasses, which make the traffic problem inevitable, say that the roads have narrowed along with the tram involved in an accident almost every day. Air pollution has increased even more because of frequent stop do. When the air started to cool down, we were unable to breathe in our beautiful Kayseri when air pollution caused by vehicles was added to the air pollution caused by the use of solid fuel for heating purposes.

The management mentality that obstructs our city's construction by obstructing the city's zoning and blocking the air corridors, ignoring the MHP's project where the subway should be made and putting the tram right in the middle of the main artery of the city, is responsible for the situation we have reached today.

This city is breathing in the air of this city, which consumes the way to eat the bread of the citizens who drink the water is very uncomfortable. Every day, dozens of citizens complain about the fact that Kayseri's traffic has become unbearable. Our city needs to be saved as soon as it falls into the situation. The city's new traffic master plan should be prepared and put into practice immediately by professional hands. Derhal

Reminded of Davutoglu's words
“We expect the public announcements made by Kayseri's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik to take the tram underground.” Ersoy said, “The Ministry of Environment and Urbanism Mehmet Özhaseki should support this issue in order to serve Kayseri. Maybe he can forgive his sin on the basis of the traffic ordeal. Isn't he the Minister of the Environment, doesn't he see that the air of this city is deteriorating and his traffic is locked?

As the Nationalist Movement Party, we stand by every step to save the traffic of our city from rudeness.

It doesn't go like this! Kayseri does not deserve this. If this is the case, we don't even want to think about 50 year 100 year after year.

We even make a recommendation; If you cannot get the tram that paralyzes our city's traffic, do not keep it on the ground.

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