Kayseri Hunat Hatun continues to be wrong

📩 15/12/2018 17:06

Kayseri Hunter Hatun is underway: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Kayseri Governor's un Hunat Hatun “insistence continues at tram stop, tram announcements and websites. The term i Hunat Hatun tarafından was wrong, and since Hunat (Huand or hont) already had the meaning of ”hatun ğı, it was mentioned by the famous historian Talha Uğurluel, like many researchers who appeared to have a funny situation like” Hatun hatun “.

The Kayseri Encyclopedia also includes the following information about the Hun Hunat (Huvand / Huand) Complex deki in the Kayseri Encyclopedia, where the 4 volume is published within the scope of the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality cultural publications: The wife of Alaaddin Keykubat and the 1. She is the mother of Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev. After the taste of Keykubad 'Mahperi' took the name. However, the name of the Persian 'master', 'great chick' Huand (Hond), the title of the 'Hunat' was converted to the original name by replacing. F

Esi Hunat Hatun un is wrong
Talha Uğurluel, a historian who guided the Culture Road Trip organized by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and attended by 350 people, stated that the term Hunat means "Hunat Hatun" is wrong, and that it is called the Hunat Mosque or Mahperi Hunat Mosque. had said it was necessary.

Kayseri Metropolitan and Governor's ğin hatun “insistence
The news, which also includes these words, is published on the website of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality with the title "Kayseriians got to know Kayseri", while the necessary updates on the tram line are criticized. The term “Hunat Hatun Complex” still exists on the Kayseri Governorship website. However, instead of "Hunat Hatun", only the name of Hunat should be used, so it should be called the Hunat Mosque, Hunat Complex and the Hunat Station.

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