The cheapest and most modern rail system in Kayseri

📩 15/12/2018 17:06

The cheapest and most modern rail system Kayseri: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, Planning and Rail System Head Ferhat Bingöl, recently criticized the criticism about traffic. Bingöl, all criticism was taken into consideration, he said.

Ferhat Bingöl, Head of Transportation, Planning and Rail System Department of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the traffic congestion in the city on Sunday, November 27, was caused by the exams of the Open Education Faculty. Head of Department Ferhat Bingöl, stating that they evaluated the criticisms directed to the Metropolitan Municipality as 'malevolent' on the subject, said, “People who criticize for some reason ignore the source of the traffic congestion. They knowingly and willingly ignore this point. We consider the statements and news made with such cunning not as a guide but with malicious intent. " said.

Stating that Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality is working with great effort to make transportation much more comfortable, Ferhat Bingöl said, “Our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik said, 'Of course, we will do everything well; but we will be much more sensitive about traffic and transportation. We are doing very important work in line with this vision. Those who criticize "Traffic Master Plan should be prepared immediately" are unaware that the Transport Master Plan work has already started. However, we have presented information about this issue to the public many times. Transportation Master Plan for a party of 15 thousand households in the survey work is more than one side while the vehicle density of about 100 at the junction helicopter camera for the first time in Turkey (drone) are done using census. While conducting the Master Plan studies, we are making point-intersection based improvements on the one hand, and on the other hand, we continue to open new roads. We are building very important alternative roads such as Gültepe Boulevard, Bekir Yıldız Boulevard, the road between Mimarsinan and TOKİ. We expanded our high-traffic streets such as Mimarsinan Junction-Wonderland, Fuzuli Junction and Danube Junction with an additional lane. We are working at some intersections. In addition to these, with the completion of the Transportation Master Plan, the projects we will implement will solve the traffic problem in Kayseri. We work scientifically and in a planned way. We are planning 6 years, not 60 months ahead. Our citizens will see the results of our recent work. " he spoke.

Stating that some criticisms started with "We had flat and wide roads in the past and we were proud of them" and stated that this approach is meaningless, Bingöl, Head of the Department of Transportation, Planning and Rail Systems, continued his words as follows: did it rain Do we have a street that bends and contracts? Our street, which used to be 50 meters, is now 50 meters. Our roads are not narrowing, the number of vehicles on the roads is increasing. According to TURKSTAT data, the number of motor vehicles in Kayseri was 2002 thousand 130 in 604. In September 2016, the most recent data, the number of motor vehicles increased to 340 thousand 016. As you can see, the number of vehicles in our city has increased by 14 percent in 160 years. Evaluations made without considering this increase will not give correct results. "

Ferhat Bingöl, who responded to the criticisms and metro requests regarding the rail system in his statement, said, “The rail system in Kayseri was activated in 2009. At the bottom of that I draw particular, a modern rail is the latest point in the world to have come from the rail system we have put cheapest cost in Turkey. The mileage cost of the rail system in Kayseri is 8,5 million TL, while the kilometer cost of the metro reaches 120 million TL. Therefore, if we consider the cost of a 10-kilometer rail system as the one in Kayseri, it is approximately 85 million TL, while the cost of a 10-kilometer metro exceeds 1 billion 200 million TL. This evolves to 15 times. This money cannot be obtained from the Metropolitan budget. If we allocate such money only to the subway, we will be unable to do anything else for 20-30 years and we will not be able to put stone on stone. In addition, we continue to work on bringing a part of the rail system underground with general budget resources. " used the expressions.

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