Technical Malfunction

marmaray tup
marmaray tup

Technical failure in Marmaray: The worker, who worked in Marmaray early in the morning, lost his life by falling into electric current. After the malfunction that caused the unfortunate worker to die, there was a hitch in Marmaray expeditions.

In Marmaray, due to technical malfunction in the morning, trips were made on a single road at 17-minute intervals. After the fault was resolved, the trips returned to normal in about 5 hours.

According to the announcement made on Marmaray's website, due to a technical malfunction, the trips were carried out on a single route at 17-minute intervals, with a stop.


In the early morning hours in the Marmaray tunnel, Fatih Uysal undertook maintenance work and lost his life due to electric current. After the breakdown, which caused the unfortunate worker to lose his life, Marmaray sails occurred.

In the early morning hours in the Marmaray tunnel, Fatih Uysal, who was 27 who was performing maintenance work, was exposed to electric current. His friends rushed into the aid of the unfortunate worker who interfered with small water leaks in the tunnel.

Fatih Uysal, who was taken to Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital by ambulance, died in spite of all the interventions made here.

In the meantime, it was observed that passenger density occurred in Marmaray due to the said delays.

From the screens at the stations, the explanations were made to the citizens, "Dear passengers due to a technical malfunction, our flights are operated with Sirkeci transfer at 17-minute intervals."

A citizen who came to Kazlıçeşme station using the Marmaray line said, “There were disruptions in the trips. It comes up to Sirkeci, returns. People are victims. Everyone is waiting. They transferred from the vinegar. We waited for 5 minutes. People were packed in a row, ”he said.



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