Şanlıurfa Light Rail System Project Infrastructure Co-ordinated

Şanlıurfa Light Rail System Project Infrastructure is Coordinated: Representatives of DEDAŞ, Aksa Doğalgaz, Türk Telekom, Mobese and other public institutions and organizations came together to discuss how the infrastructure will be handled in the Rail System Project.
Organizations gathered and held a consultation meeting for the project of the 1-kilometer route between Abide and Haleplibahçe, the first phase of the 'Light Rail System Project' in Şanlıurfa. The Department of Science Affairs, hosted by AYKOME Branch, at the meeting hosted by the Metropolitan Municipality Additional Service Building, the Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Abdulkadir Acar, Deputy Secretary General Mehmet Emin Yeşiltaş and Mahmut Kırıkçı, as well as the relevant department heads, AYKOME, DEDAŞ, Doğalgaz Aksa, Türk Officials from Telekom, Mobese and other public institutions and organizations participated.
In the meeting where the feasibility studies for the endi Rail System endi which has been completed since the 6, under the leadership of Nihat Çiftçi, Mayor of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, were examined, the interaction of the existing infrastructure system with the rail system was discussed.
After the presentation of the facilities that show the current infrastructure status in the digital environment, it was decided to include these data in the project and it was emphasized that the proj Light Rail System Project proje required expensive and sensitive work.
The ”Light Rail System Project tüm will start in the form of an 4 stage for the entire city to serve. The first stage will be between Abide and Haleplibahçe, where density is the most frequent. A total of 7 stops will take place on the route that covers the 11 kilometer and thus, the average number of 86 passengers will be provided daily. 100 will cost 2,5 million liras and 2019 will be completed in XNUMX year.
The first stage of the project's detailed round trip route is; It will be in the form of Abide (Emirgan) - Public Education Center - Metropolitan Municipality - Kapakli Passage - Yıldız Square - Haşimiye - Hanlar District - Balıklıgöl - Sakıp Mansion (White House) - Şanlıurfa Museum - Kızılkoyun.
X Light Rail System Project Sistem of 2. The light rail system (LRT) line will be made between Karaköprü New Fair Area and Eyyübiye Kuyubaşı. In the third line of the same route, the route will be extended to the old airport and the transportation of the citizens will be provided to cover the 15 station about 14 kilometers long. In the fourth stage, this time between Abide and Harran University Osmanbey Campus will be started to be a Light Rail System (LRT) line.

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