Bursa Signature for Innotrans Berlin 2016 Fair

InnoTrans in Berlin 2016 Fair Bursa Signature: Besides the urban transport solutions maritime and air transport with its place among Turkey's transport brands Burulaş, 'InnoTrans in Berlin 2016 Rail was an important theme in the Systems and Transportation Technology Exhibition.
Besides the urban transportation solutions by sea and air freight transport its place among Turkey's brands Burulaş, 'InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin were talks Rail Transit important in systems and Technologies Fair. Bursa's brands attracted attention at the fair.
BURULAŞ, which is an important brand of Bursa with its city transportation solutions and air and sea transportation services to the surrounding cities, has attracted great attention at the Innotrans Berlin 2016 Rail Systems and Public Transport Technologies Fair. He made important contacts at the fair held in Berlin, Germany.
Reminding that tourism is developing in parallel with transportation, Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy said, “We continue to participate in sectoral fairs in the promotion of the works and projects we have carried out, we aim to contribute to the tourism of the country, especially Bursa, with the innovations and alternative solutions we have made in the field of transportation.
Fidansoy also said that Innotrans Berlin 2016 was a productive year for Bursa. said.
A total of 1996 companies from various countries are participating in the international fair, which is held every two years since 2872 in Berlin. The 2016th fair held in 11, from Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality took place 42 Turkish companies, especially transportation company BURULAŞ. The fair offered visitors the opportunity to follow the latest technology and trends closely.

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