IETT changes driver's cab

IETT is changing the driver cabins: IETT General Manager Arif Emecen performed the animated test of the new cabins which will be carried out after the umbrella attack on the metrobus driver. In his test, he stated that his cabins did not provide adequate protection against the attack and ordered the redesign of the cubicles. On the other hand, interesting dialogues took place during the booth test
Metrobus attacked the driver of the BRT last week and took the 6 vehicle. 11 people injured in the accident attacking the driver of the BRT driver was arrested.
After this incident, the General Directorate of IETT pushed the button for the safety of the drivers. IETT General Manager Arif Emecen, the IETT General Directorate in İkitelli garage metrobüs'deki umbrella attack after the new prototype of the cabin to be revived tested. General Manager Emecen, the cabin to be made to protect against the attacks did not provide adequate protection by notifying the redesigned. Emecen, in his hands-on test in the hands of the attack by animating the cabin in a way that does not interfere with the outside expressed.

IETT General Manager Arif Emecen moved to the driver's seat while testing the cabin. During the cabin test, interesting dialogues took place. "I stood up," said the officers here. Now you try to punch me. We need to upgrade this section a little more. We need to eliminate the physical barrier one hundred percent. ” On the other hand, against the possibility of an attack with an umbrella, “If I hit here with an umbrella, there is an open door in the cabin. We need to come up with a solution about it. ” said.
The door opening window in the cabin to take the necessary measures to prevent an attack with an umbrella to be closed with sliding glass decided to open.
Stating that most of the buses in the IETT fleet have cabin protection systems, IETT Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Department Head Recep Kadiroğlu said, “Our 265 vehicles do not have cabin applications. After the last incident, of course, we worked on creating a safe cabin here. We prepared prototypes in this direction. In the coming days, we will start implementing on vehicles. In addition to ensuring the safety of our driver with the application we will do, we will also ensure the safety of our passengers and driving. Cabs that were on the vehicles before were not considered as sheltered so far since such cases have not been experienced. This last incident led us to make a more sheltered cabin. We will start practices on this subject in the coming days. ”



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