Inci Aku represent Turkey at the Automechanika fair in Frankfurt

Inci Aku represent Turkey at the Automechanika fair in Frankfurt: the most valuable brand in Turkey Inci Aku battery industry, 13 - 17 2016 will take place between September date took place at the Frankfurt Automechanika Fair. İnci Akü exhibits AGM and EFB series products at the fair where numerous products and services such as spare parts, automobile accessories and automotive equipment will be exhibited. IS Battery Tester, which can perform short-term battery discharge and conductivity test at the same time, is the focus of the fair because of being the first in the world.
Pearl GS Yuasa; cars, light commercial vehicles and their Start-Stop batteries in the category of advanced technology developed represent Turkey in the automotive industry. İnci Holding and the Japanese battery giant GS Yuasa accelerated its activities in the international arena with the partnership of İnci GS Yuasa, the services and products it offered under the brand name İnci Akü was presented at the Automechanika Frankfurt fair.
Pearl GS Yuasa is taking steps one after another in order to develop its international service network with its dealer network located in more than 80 countries. Incineering Solutions (IS) Battery Tester branded battery testing and analysis service that pioneers in the world with the Pearl GS Yuasa, IS Battery Tester, IS Charger, IS Load and IS Ampermeter products with the attention as well. The IS Battery Tester CLM, which is the first in the world with the ability to perform short-term load test and conductance test, is expected to be the focus of the fair.
İnci GS Yuasa Executive Vice President Hakan Yıldırım; . We strive to increase the satisfaction of all our stakeholders by producing projects that serve our vision of being the most trusted energy storage company for our customers, employees and all of our business partners. To privilege our customers and to increase their satisfaction is at the center of our company policy. We are advancing rapidly to our targets with the power we receive from the Japanese battery giant GS Yuasa in innovation and international competition. to represent Turkey as the most valuable brand in the world around us are proud of the battery industry, "he said.

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