Scanning in the Gulf will begin in the autumn of 2017


The screening in the Gulf will begin in the autumn of 2017: After the suspension period of the Izmir Izmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation Project, which will be made jointly by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, was sent to the Ministry for approval. Within the scope of the project, the tender preparations will begin after the approval, it is aimed to start the screening works in the autumn of 9, which will improve the water quality in the Gulf, increase the ecological vitality and ensure that the port serves new generation ships.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, which cooperated to increase the ecological and economic value of the Izmir Bay, to make the bay floatable, to increase the live population, to enable the expansion of the port and the berth of the new generation of ships, signed a protocol in 2011 to cooperate in the Izmir Gulf dredging works. Studies made within the framework of the protocol turned into a project. Within the scope of “Izmir Bay and Harbor Rehabilitation Project”, clean water inflow to the bay will increase with the navigation channel to be opened by the General Directorate of TCDD along the southern axis of the bay. Thanks to the circulation channel to be opened on the north axis by the Metropolitan Municipality, the amount and circulation of clean water entering the bay along the Gediz Delta Wetland area will accelerate and the water quality and ecological diversity will increase by accelerating the ecological more sensitive northern shores.
The EIA Report of the project was delivered to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization EIA Permission and Inspection General Directorate in April 2013. The first meeting of the Review and Evaluation Board was held in June 2013. The process has prolonged due to some deficiencies. The second meeting took place in June 2016. The report was evaluated positively. The plan, which was suspended after the opinions received from the relevant institutions, was sent to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for approval on 9 September 2016 after the objections were evaluated.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will first make the tender for the purchase and laying of pumps and pipes for the transmission of the material to be dredged with existing ships, after the final decision of the EIA is communicated after the Ministry's approval. Back in Çiğli, where the scanning material will be delivered in the same process. KazanThe tender for the preparation of the area where the pools will be used to dry and remove the material will also be held. A tender will also be made for the natural habitats in the project, as well as for the zoning plans and implementation projects.
Metropolitan Municipality officials aimed to hold tenders towards the end of the year. Within the scope of these tenders, the manufacturing period of pipes and pumps, their sea and land assembly and recycling kazanConsidering the preparation processes of the field, the scanning process will start in the fall of 2017. Within the scope of the Great Bay Project, İZSU will scan the 13.5 kilometers long, 8 meters deep and 250 meters wide circulation canal on the northern axis of the bay, and TCDD will scan the 12 kilometers long, 17 meters deep and 250 meters wide Port Approach Canal on the south axis of the bay. Some of the dredged material will be used as filling material in the 2nd Part Container Terminal Site. Other remaining materials are recycled at Çiğli Wastewater Treatment Plant site. kazanIt will be used as a top cover material in quarries, filling and ground improvement material in parks and gardens and in the construction sector by allowing it to be dried for indoor use. In addition, this dredged material will be used in the creation of 2 natural habitats determined on the northern axis of the gulf.

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