Gölcük Natural Park On The Way To Become A Attraction Center

Golcuk Nature Park Attraction Center Way of Being: Within the framework of the development plan Golcuk Nature Park in Bolu important center of eco-tourism in Turkey, mountain sled station, view looking from the guest house and the ski lifts are targeted such as for the worldwide tourism brand in various embodiments Bolu Mayor Yilmaz: 'Golcuk Teleferik Project south, Aladag, Sarialan, Kartalkaya and Seben will continue with. With the project, we planned to increase the transportation possibilities from the Karacasu Thermal Tourism Center to the park l We will make our nature park an attraction center for people of all ages with the Gölcük Karacasu Plateau Mountain Shoe Project Proj
In Turkey, every year a large number of domestic and foreign tourists Bolu Golcuk Nature Park, which hosted the regulations to be made under the sustainable tourism 'a world brand' aims to become.
Bolu Municipality, which makes infrastructure, landscaping and landscaping with the investment of 5 million liras within the framework of 'Gölcük Nature Park Long Term Development Plan', makes the park suitable for nature friendly tourism investments.
In the first 8 month of this year, Gölcük, which is visited by approximately half a million tourists from domestic and foreign countries, is getting new routes with tour routes, scenic cruise spots, walking paths, guest houses, cable car and mountain foot stations.
Bolu Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz said in a statement, recalling that the operation of the park in the middle of 2013, projects coming to the implementation stage, he said.
Construction of cable cars and mountain slides
Within the scope of the work of the municipality, the park's infrastructure problems and environmental investments in the 5 million pounds to invest in describing Yilmaz, 'Gölcük Nature Park, thanks to LED lighting, even in the winter of the picnic can be made, our citizens could travel day and night in peace turned into a place. said.
'We will implement the ropeway and mountain sled projects within the balance of protection and use by coming to terms with natural values.' Yilmaz said, taking into account the number of visitors in addition to existing structures, natural appearance, suitable for serender, country house, cafeteria, camp houses and parking space will be built, he said.
Yilmaz, tourism development and the number of visitors to increase the number of natural beauty is not enough to emphasize, he said:
'It is necessary to respond to the needs of tourists for sustainable tourism. We also set new tour routes. In the upper part of Gölcük Lake and Bolu-Seben highway, the existing roads in the forested area of ​​approximately 1,5 will be rearranged and converted into tour routes. We have a walk along the edge of the pond. In the forests of the park, we will also be walking along the 5 kilometer-long path.
'We will provide long-term wedges for the visitors of the day'
Reflecting the beauty of the pond in the photo frames and to expose all the natural beauty of the 'landscape cruise point' that they plan to transfer Yilmaz, this structure on the northwestern edge of the pond lake gidelk (lake foot) on the scaffolding in the form of told.
This year, the number of visitors to the park reached the number of 500 thousands of Yilmaz, the cable car line to be done 'Our work came to the last stage. We will continue the Gölcük Teleferik Project to the south with Aladağ, Sarıalan, Kartalkaya and Seben. With the project, we planned to increase access to the park from Karacasu Thermal Tourism Center. in the form of.
Yilmaz said that the arrangements were made to ensure the long-term visitors to stay for a long time, Yilmaz said:
'Nature Park is flooded by summer and winter visitors. We create a 'Controlled Use Zone' to help our day visitors stay in the region for a long time and increase their economic contribution. In the areas where the visitors are heavily used, we will make entry check points, state guest house, country houses, camping area in addition to the existing area. We want to increase the number of visitors staying in the Nature Park for a long time. '
Yılmaz also stated that the guest house, which will be built, will exhibit endemic plant species and animal population samples specific to the region.
3-kilometer hilly road will be crossed in 14 minutes
Children's playground for families with children, the outdoor sports field that they are planning to do Yilmaz, continued his speech:
'We will make' rain shelters' to ensure the permanence of our visitors and to prevent them from being affected by the rain, especially in the rain which suddenly raises in the spring. Increase in the number of visitors, fountains, garbage containers, picnic tables, mountain skids, such as the need to increase the need. We are also increasing the accommodation in the park. In the east of the pond, we have included camping areas consisting of bungalow-style cottages and the camps in addition to the existing buildings in the section where the old hatchery was located.
Yilmaz, Gölcük-Karacasu Plateau to cover the mountain pile project, 'We will make our park a center of attraction for people of all ages. The mountain slide length will be 3 thousand 162 meters, and this can even be navigated by hilly terrain visitors as soon as 14 minutes. used.

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