Bars Street Was Pounded

Bar Street was Plundered: Demolition was started in many cities after the works started within the scope of Tram Project. Demolition works are going on in the street of bars which are decided to be removed within the scope of Tram Project, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Kabataş Seagull Project postponed for a week

Kabataş The Seagull Project was postponed for a week: in the form of seagull, which is announced to start tomorrowKabataş Square Arrangement Transfer Center and Renovation of Piers Construction was postponed Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Council, Kabataş sea ​​on the coast, rail [more…]


Turkish Transport-Sen in Democracy

Turkish Transport-Sen Democracy Watch: Turkish Transport Sen Branch President Baler Fidan, TCDD and Airport employees along with trade unionists and members held guard shoulder to shoulder in Gaziantep Democracy Square. After the treacherous coup attempt [more…]