Developed high-speed train project for students

Developed a high-speed train project for his students: Ömür Akyazı, a lecturer at KTU Abdullah Kanca Vocational High School, established a laboratory in order to draw attention to the problems experienced by students in accessing the school on the coast of Sürmene. [more…]

34 Istanbul

3rd airport sector will double

The airport sector will double by 10: The third airport, which is under construction and whose first phase will be put into service in 2018, will also give a great momentum to the sector. kazanwill yell. Board of Directors of BoraJet, which provides regional aviation services in Turkey [more…]


The tramway to Dolphin

The tramway to the courthouse road with Dolphin: After the Bayram holiday, the road works in the Izmit Tram Project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality are also reviving. Providing access to Dolphin Shopping Center and Kocaeli Courthouse [more…]

06 Ankara

11 new metro lines to Ankara

11 new metro lines to Ankara: With the 2013-2038 Metropolitan Area and the Transportation Master Plan, the capital will be built with metro networks. Existing metro lines, which are 55 kilometers on three separate lines, will be completed with the new project. [more…]