Liman - İş Union announced its reaction to the coup attempt at a press conference

Liman - İş Union announced its reaction to the coup attempt at a press conference: Liman - İş Union announced its reaction to the coup attempt on July 15 at a press conference.
Liman - İş Union gathered at the Headquarters in Ankara on July 22 and made evaluations about organizational studies and internal issues and made statements about the difficult process that our country is going through.
Liman İş Union Izmir Branch also reacted to the coup attempt on the evening of July 15 at a press conference held at the TCDD Alsancak Port Management Dining Hall. Serdar Akdoğan, the head of the İzmir Branch of the Port İş Union, read the final declaration as a result of the evaluations made by their unions. Akdoğan made the following statements from the podium:
As it is known, Liman - İş Union is not only the members of the Union; It has been working with all its strength for half a century for the benefit of all workers and our nation. In this context, it has been at the forefront of the struggle for democracy in our country since its establishment. He boldly opposed to the coups and coup attempts in the past, and he never bowed to those who tried to dominate the nation. This dignified stance in our history continues stronger today.
15 July 2016 Day, a black mark on the history of our country who want to scrape, the nation is trying to take the will of the focus, our nation's faith in democracy, forget the belief that they have suffered a defeat.
Sec. Upon the call of our President, all political parties and non-governmental organizations set aside their differences and achieved an unprecedented victory in the leadership of our nation.
As Liman - İş Union, we will continue to struggle without ever giving up the struggle for republic and democracy, as we have done so far. In this extraordinary period that our country passes through, we will never let the dark hands reach the goals of our nation's future.
We fully support all steps taken and to be taken to clean these structures, as the port, sea, shipyard and warehouse workers of this country. Unlike in the past, we believe that the declared OHAL will not interfere with the rights and interests acquired through unions, which are direct representatives of the workers. As seen on the night of July 15, the most effective force against impacts is the organized society and unions are the main factor in the formation of an organized society. This fact should never be forgotten.
We hope that these hard days we are passing through will be overcome as soon as possible, and we wish God's mercy to all our martyrs who lost their lives while fighting against the coup plotters and urgent healing to the wounded. LONG LIVE REPUBLIC AND DEMOCRACY ”



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