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Chinese Logistical Villages

Chinese Review of Logistics Villages: Chinese officials headed by Chengdu Port and Logistics Office Director Chen Zhongwei and TCDD officials headed by TCDD 1.Region Manager Halil Korkmaz, hosted by DHL [more…]


There is no power on the national will

There is no power over the national will: The daring coup attempt against the President, the Prime Minister and our Government, who is in charge of the will of the nation, depends heavily on the rule of law and democracy, especially on the struggle of our nation. [more…]


Sivas Demirspor Club: This is our Flag

The young athletes of Sivas Demirspor Club Summer Sports Course claimed their country, flag and democratic order in the critical process of our country. A treacherous coup attempt against their own future and the peaceful atmosphere of our country [more…]

Intercity Railways

No tickets there

There is no train ticket: In the capital, the ring application started by directing the bus services in the Sincan and Çayyolu regions to the subway lines, and the “Başkentray Project” activities started to be implemented in train services. Transportation, Maritime and Communication [more…]