The closure of Mexican railways by activists has a negative impact on the domestic steel market

The closure of Mexican railroads by activists negatively affects the local steel market: According to media information, members and supporters of the Mexican Teachers' Union (CNTE), who went on strike to protest the educational reform offered by Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, local steel negatively affects its producers and other industrial units.
The Mexican Steel Association (CANACERO) explained that the closure of railways by the activists had a serious impact on many facilities. Canacero, explaining what they can do, said the impact of the incident would be huge.
The railroad operator Kansas City Southern Mexico (KCSM), unable to deliver the containers due to the closure of the railway by activists, asked the government for help. KCSM, Mexican steelmaker AHMSA, KIA Motors, ArcelorMittal México, Honda, Mazda, Ternium, General Motors and Grupo Villacero also announced that the event was adversely affected.
According to the Mexican daily Reforma, the teachers closed the railway at the 7 in Michoacán province.

📩 11/12/2018 17:04

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