Air Cargo Safety was Evaluated at a Workshop held at ITO

Air Cargo Safety was evaluated at the ITO Workshop: SHT-17.6 Instruction Information Meeting (Air Cargo Safety Workshop) was hosted by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Directorate General for Civil Aviation and UTIKAD.
22 was held on June in the ITO Assembly Hall and the evaluations for the implementation of the SHT-17.6 Instruction were held. The officials of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and Turkish Cargo executives transferred information about the changes in the air cargo and the innovations brought to the air cargo agencies.
In order to ensure the safety and security of cargo and mail transport by international standards determined by ICAO, ECAC and IATA, 04 was put on the table during the workshop organized in cooperation with the SHT-2015 Air Cargo and Postal Security Instruction, ITO, SHGM and UTIKAD published on September 17.6.
SHT-17.6 Instruction, which is one of the subjects on the agenda of air cargo agencies, regulates the duties, authorities and responsibilities of the stakeholders in the sector and the procedures and principles to be applied on the recruitment, qualifications and training of the personnel in the secure supply chain. The representatives of the air cargo agencies were informed by SHGM officials about SHT-150.11 Instruction, which abolished the Instruction on Special Rules for Air Cargo Agents of SHT-17.6, which has been abolished.
In the workshop, opening speeches were made by ITO Board of Directors Treasurer Hasan Erkesim, UTİKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin and SHGM Security, Audit and Certification Coordinator Ramazan Dursun.
11 Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTİKAD, Mr. Turgut Erkeskin stated that the logistics processes after September attacks started to be examined from the perspective of security with the participation of all the stakeholders. Ler Some rules have been started to be carried out about the safe transportation of goods and transported goods. We also see the reflection of these applications in our country in the 17.6 Instruction of Civil Aviation. We will evaluate the authorities and responsibilities that this application brings to the air cargo sector with the experts in the workshop. Üne
In Turkey, almost all air cargo agencies and underlining that members of UTIKAD Turgut Erkeskin, "the assessment that we have made regarding the SHT-xnumx'y together with our members, we saw the need to explain many issues related to instruction. We would like to listen to the questions about these new issues from the authorities today and to re-evaluate the questions that cannot find an answer with the authorities of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation ilgili.
Stating that the new instruction replaces the existing SHT-150.11 Instruction, Erkeskin said,, If we need to remember the name of SHT-150.11,
It was defined as Special Provisions. We were able to get information about how to do our work there. However, we see that the new name and instruction are only indexed to security. There seems to be a deficiency in the description here. Because when we look at the content we are faced with the concept of 'authorized agency', so that the authorized agent would actually describe the air cargo agents until yesterday. But today we see three new recipes. One of them is an authorized agency, one is a known sender and the other is a registered sender. The roles of these three companies in the system, the air carrier relationship with the air directly or indirectly to understand and understand what should be together, '' he said.
After Erkeskin, Ramazan Dursun, Security, Inspection and Certification Coordinator of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, gave information about the works carried out during the preparation of the instruction.
Arif Badur, Board Member and Airline Working Group Chairman of UTIKAD, respectively, THY Cargo Civil Aviation Security Chief Elif Öngen, SHGM Aviation Assistant Specialist Ahmet Türk, Turkish Cargo Cargo Vice President Serdar Demir and SHGM Security, Audit and Certification Coordinator Ramazan Dursun made a presentation.
SHT-150.11 Instruction, which abolished the SHT-17.6 Instruction and brought important changes in the authorization of air cargo agencies, was also discussed at the end of the workshop. SHGM officials, who received comments on the instructions, stated that they would evaluate the criticism from the sector and SHT-17.6 instruction could be overcome with the opinions coming from air cargo agencies.
The President of UTIKAD Airline Working Group Arif Badur will be compiled by the Airline Working Group on the issues raised by the workshop and the air cargo agencies to forward to SHGM; stated that they will continue to support the General Directorate of Civil Aviation during the renewal of the instructions.



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